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Update April 2019

Important information - We are currently building up the English-language pages. 

In the general handling of carbon some things are to be considered in contrast to metallic materials. So there are important differences in the assembly, the detection of cracking noises, corrosion behavior, as well as the care and the car transport. 


On the respective subpage you will find important information and instructions for a careful handling of carbon bikes and their value retention.

General safety and control as a carbonbike owner

As an avid cyclist, it is important that the equipment is regularly inspected and maintained. What you need to look out for and how to behave after a fall is listed in our security section. Find more here

The right torque in the assembly of carbon

The big difference to aluminum and steel, that carbon can easily be "nibbled" by an excessive torque, with fatal consequences. 


What you have to look out for,  read more here  torque at carbon

Assembly of the seat post on a carbon bike

What details should be noted when clamping the seat post. The correct preparation, which mounting means should be used, what torque, as you will find here saddle clamping.

Surface care and corrosion prevention for carbon bicycles

What needs to be taken into account with the SURFACE CARE, which cleaning agents should be used and how best to seal the surface. 


We also have tips for avoiding CORROSION.

Differences in the assembly of a carbon frame

Turning and tightening torques, use of carbon paste ... What to pay attention to when assembling a carbon bike!

Eliminate annoying creaking noise

Tracing creaking and crackling noises is often a sisyphean task on the carbon frame.


Some tips on how to proceed and detect CRACKING NOISE.

Bike transport by land and air

There are also special features for TRANSPORT by car or plane.

Carbon wheel centering

Why is it important to periodically service carbon wheels and to adjust the concentricity from time to time?

Surface sealing of carbon frames

Does a carbon frame have to be varnished, sealed or can it be used unpainted ? Some aspects of this under surface sealing.

Repainting of carbon bike frames

Often, the desire is to design your own bike, stripping the existing frame and repainting. First STOP! We have a very unique opinion on re-lacquering in terms of safety.

Front derailleur socket base loose

Unclean shifts especially when changing the chainring are often caused by chain wear, but also by wear of the chain pinion, as well as the chainrings themselves. The maintenance of the drive train including all its components protects the frame structure, ensures smooth switching operations and protects the front derailleur socket / base. Read more here


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