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The best transport insurance is good quality packaging

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Disassembly carbon frame and carbon wheel

Why do I have to disassemble my bike for a carbon repair ?

The work processes and procedures of Carbon Bike Service cannot be compared to a classic bicycle repair shop. The work we perform is very similar to the manufacturing process of carbon frames themselves, and thus not comparable to conventional adjustment and assembly work like at your bike shop. Therefore, we do not see ourselves in competition with the bicycle shop. Due to the fact that we are working at full capacity all year round, we generally do not have the capacity to dismantle and reassemble complete bikes.  


For the repair of a carbon damage, the respective frame must be manageable and without imbalance by wheels, fork, handlebars or saddle 360 ° in space freely rotatable. In our workshop you will also not find assembly stands with clamps or similar, as these are useless for our activity.

How do I prepare my carbon bike for shipment of carbon repair and what do I have to pay attention to ?

The bicycle frames are to be delivered as compactly as possible and dismantled as far as possible, as these often have to be turned over during processing - regardless of the damage. Dismantle wheels, seat posts, the fork, the crankset and also the rear derailleur, as well as the derailleur hanger; a crack or even tear off the dropout is usually irreparable !!! Internally routed cables and bottom bracket cups can of course remain mounted. Take special care when shipping that you fix a spacer in the rear triangle to avoid possible transport damage due to lateral crushing. Ideal is a plastic stint you can get at your bike shop, but even better is a cut piece of wood fixed with tape, a threaded rod fixed with nuts, or a piece of styrofoam, etc.




If you want to send us a carbon wheel for repair, be sure to disassemble the tire when repairing the brake flanks, also and especially for tubular / tubular tires, as well as clincher / clincher tires. In case of damage to the side flank, this can remain mounted after consultation and thus already serves as all-round transport protection.


Packing defective carbon bike and carbon wheel

Choose a stable outer packaging, it is best to use a new cardboard box made of high-quality and moisture-resistant, at least two-ply corrugated cardboard for optimal protection.


Do not choose the packaging size too tight, so that a certain buffer zone is still maintained all around, 2-3 cm are already sufficient. Do not spare at the wrong place with the packing size ! Fill the cavity space with filler material, such as plastic film, Styrofoam or plenty of newspaper, to create an appropriate buffer zone, so that the carbon frame, the wheel, the carbon part to be repaired, can not slip during transport, can not fly around in the packaging, as well as a small cushioning in case of impact can prevent worse.


packed bike frame
Nothing is gained or safer that way.

Please refrain from elaborately wrapping the frame itself and fixing it directly to the frame with adhesive tape or cable ties, nothing is gained by doing so. Simply wrap loosely with a foil or cloth and pack as described above.   


If you do not have suitable packaging at hand, you can order packaging from Geschickt-Verpackt, for example, as well as other packaging material.  


If you do not have any packaging for shipping an impeller, we recommend purchasing a picture / painting box, e.g. 850 x 1150 x 150 mm, also available from Geschickt-Verpackt, see link above. 

Shipping and shipping service provider

Once you have correctly packed your carbon frame, you still have to decide on a shipping service provider. This is of course also based on the belt dimensions of the parcel service providers. An important aspect for you as an end customer, with DHL you can simply make a higher insurance of your goods. A higher insurance is not a must, and is at your own discretion. If the goods are packed correctly, shipping damage is unlikely, but does not exclude this, just as the loss, which as of January 2020 has never occurred so far.


Status Jan. 2020

DHL Package

Bike box 1200 x 600 x 600 mm 

ere, the maximum height of 600 mm is often too low, depending on the frame size. Further information at


With the other providers you can exceed the maximum height of 600 mm, but you have to pay attention to the belt dimension, as well as for you as an end customer a higher insurance is not so easy, or not to apply at all.



Bike box 1100 x 200 x 750 mm

The belt dimension - (height + width) x 2 + length - serves to limit the dimensions of transported goods and may be a maximum of 3m. For parcels that have already been paid for online and dropped off at the Pickup Parcel Shop, the maximum strap dimension is 2.5m.


More information at



Bike box 1100 x 200 x 750 mm

Parcel size and weight, GLS sorts parcels in the distribution centers with automatic sorting equipment. This makes shipping fast and cheap. Therefore, please note the following maximum dimensions when preparing for shipment:


The package may be up to 60 centimeters high. 80 centimeters wide. 200 centimeters long.


weigh 40 kilograms. The belt dimension of a package may be up to three meters. It is calculated from two times the height plus two times the width plus one time the longest side. Further information at


DHL bulky goods

If your package exceeds the height of 600 mm and the girth, you have the option of shipping with DHL bulky goods.

But also pay attention to the maximum dimension of DHL: cuboid shape up to 200 cm length, belt dimension (=length + 2x width + 2 height) 360 cm. More information at


Hermes bulky goods  

Hermes offers another shipping option for bulky goods.

For more information, visit


Carrier shipping / freight

If your package is still too large for DHL bulky goods, you have no choice but to ship with a freight carrier. 


From experience, we can not give a preference for a shipping provider. Choose the cheapest provider according to the packing size.


UPS Express

If you ship with UPS Express you have a fast delivery, but significantly fewer transfer stations, where your expensive carbon bike can take damage, UPS Express means max. 2-3 loading processes, but also has its corresponding price. With UPS the bulky goods surcharge already starts from 100 cm length. Example from jostec Amtzell, to Frankfurt (Oder) , package size 120 x 70 x 20 cm, weight 5 kg, transit time 1 day , delivery by the end of the following working day, 120,47 € gross, as of Nov. 2018.


All data without guarantee. 


Shipping back

The packaging is labeled with your name at goods receipt. The outgoing goods are packed in the identical packaging as the incoming goods. As a rule, no packaging costs are charged. If necessary, we will improve the packaging and keep open the possibility of subsequent invoicing. 


The correct inner and outer packaging is documented photographically before dispatch. For this reason, we exclude liability in the case of return shipment due to defective packaging.  An equivalent delivery service will be chosen by us, depending on the package size DHL package or GLS with a girth up to 300 cm . If your package exceeds the belt size, we ship with DHL bulky goods. Goods are only shipped insured at the full current value of the repaired carbon part. For this we charge an insurance flat rate of 7,14 € gross up to a max. insurance value of 15.000 € per package. This insurance benefit as a service for our customers is covered by a separately concluded goods insurance on our part. Please note that liability for unsolicited parts is excluded for return shipment.