Recentering of carbon wheels

Periodic maintenance of carbon wheels

recentering carbonwheels ripped spokes nipple
torn out spokes nipple, periodic readjustment, recentering with a spokes tensiometer is recommended - the maximum spoke tension should not be exceeded


For maintaining the value of carbon wheels, periodic maintenance at an advanced mileage or after an accident is recommended.  


The even spoke tension is the alpha and omega for the performance of carbon wheels to stay dimensionally stable even after intensive use and many miles per kilometer. Nevertheless, one does not come around a periodic readjustment, recentering for carbonwheels, which can be tested on the one hand on the concentricity, but as a precaution even better regularly with a spokes tensiometer.


When readjusting the concentricity, a few important details have to be considered. With the wrong approach, the valuable carbonwheel can easily be damaged, so that it can not be repaired. 


The use of special tools is absolutely advisable:

  • Spoke tensionmeter 
  • spoke tightener suitable for the wheel model
  • counterholder for aerospokes
  • as well as the centering stand


With a tensiometer, the tension of the spoke to be adjusted must first be measured. If there is an uneven distribution of all spokes due to prolonged use and several miles traveled, all have to be set to the basic tension specified by the manufacturer. An overload is to be avoided as far as possible, since the nipple seat of carbon wheels is very sensitive to tensions overload. 


Another peculiarity arises at the rear wheel by the differing spokes angle of the left and right side, which results in different tension values, which should also be strictly adhered (values should be requested from the manufacturer). 


If a rash occurs, first the spokes must be loosened, which cause the "dent", thus the part of the rim body which is quasi pressed in, is closer to the hub, before the opposite side can be brought correspondingly more under tension. The sequence of work steps must be strictly adhered,  in order to prevent possible collapse of the rim body, as well as the breakout of one or more spoke nipples. 


This fine work belongs to experienced hands of professionals and is not to be executed successfully by everyone on the first. Of course, not every wheel can be readjusted. For example, Lightweight wheels have fixed carbon spokes that can not be repaired or recentered.

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