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Respect limits of lightweight construction in carbon

Note the weight limit for carbon bikes
too heavy driver for undersized bike

Who wants to use carbon parts to minimize weight and increase performance should keep in mind that especially the weight ratio of bike to rider is an important overall factor. Heavy drivers, but also well-trained drivers with high wattage load the material disproportionately more than lightweight and untrained. There should be no compromise on stability at safety-relevant points (stem, handlebar, seat post). Many manufacturers set a limit for the weight of the driver, whether for the frame, cranksets and other attachments - starting with about 75 kilogramms. Get information in this regard, be it in the bike shop or on the manufacturer's homepage.

Avoid jaws on carbon tubes

With the jaws of a mounting stand you can easily destroy a carbon frame tube. Always clamp the wheel to the seat post and place a soft cloth or similar in between. Even better, fit an accurately fitting aluminum post before clamping. If this is not at hand, enlarge a thinner metal support with adhesive tape accordingly.


If the wheels do not need to be free for the service, they should not be fixed. It is recommended to use a stable bicycle stand.

The Right Tool - Use Torque Wrench

A wrong torque, too tight screwing of components can damage the carbon. Never work without torque wrench on carbon parts ! Pay close attention to the torques printed on or prescribed in the instructions, the manufacturer's installation instructions must be followed; If the product does not contain an information leaflet, you should inform yourself via the internet or by phone from the manufacturer. Always start at the lower setpoint, if necessary, the use of carbon mounting paste is recommended first, which allows a reduction in the clamping forces of up to 30%, only then is it advisable to increase the torque up to the specified maximum value. Especially breakages of the handlebar and seat post are often responsible for to strong tightened screws.

Use carbon paste for mounting

Never mount carbon parts with grease or assembly paste, as both reduce the friction between the components, which in turn damages the material due to higher tightening torques. If necessary, always mount carbon parts with a special carbon mounting paste. It increases the friction between different components to avoid material damage reducing clamp forces.

Saddle clamp for MTB and road bike frame

Do not use quick release clamps with carbon, because here the maximum load can easily, unconsciously be exceeded. Whenever possible, always use a saddle clamp with a tightening screw and tighten in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions with a torque wrench.

Handlebar position / handlebar mounting

When installing the handlebars, especially for MTBs, make sure that the handlebars are fully released to the left and right over the top tube, including the brake and shift brackets.

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