Transport of carbon bicycles

Air travel and parcel shipping

When travelling by air or sending parcels, always take care to disassemble the rear derailleur so that the dropout is not damaged in the event of an impact, as this is the achilles' heel of a carbon frame. Once this is damaged, it can rarely be repaired. 


We recommend the use of a hard case for transport by air, which offers significantly more protection against unforeseen impacts during loading. 


A further advantage of a special bike case is the already integrated fixing points so that the frame cannot slip. Nevertheless, remember to disassemble the rear derailleur, safe is safe.

The car roof is only the second choice for carbon bikes

Transport on the car roof is to be avoided, it exposes the carbon bike to the bombardment of rain drops, hail and dirt particles, but also to vibrations that can have a damaging effect on the structure. Carbon frames do not always have the necessary reserves for this type of load. Another advantage is that you cannot get stuck in low passages and irrevocably destroy the expensive carbon frame. We recommend transport in a car.


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Carbon bike transport by car

damaged racing bikes due to roof transport underpass
Roof transport bicycle, source: unknown

At regular intervals we have repair requests due to transport damage, classic roof transport. This usually affects the handlebars, stem and head tube or the transition to the down tube. If the collision has been relatively mild, we recommend replacing the handlebars and stem. Regardless of any visible cracks, the frame itself should undergo a non-destructive inspection for further safety to rule out any hidden structural damage (delaminations).



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