Seat stay provisionally repaired - not a good idea !

Seatstay Carbon repair hose clamps
dangerous, temporary repair of a seat stay

Sitzstrebe provisorisch repariert - keine gute Idee, Carbonreparaturen sind Arbeiten für Experten. Diesen Artikel auf Deutsch lesen, hier klicken


If it comes to the break or crack on a carbon frame you should renounce in the interest of your own well-being and life on a makeshift repair. 


A splint bonded with hose clamps can never replace a carbon structure, reliably stabilizing a damaged spot.


Carbon repair seat stay Giant
Repaired seatstay with local paint

The repair belongs in the professional hands of a specialist. The crack, the damaged area is ground on all sides, rebuilt with fresh laminate, bridged, closed.


Then the original contour is worked in and then, as in this case, painted locally black opaque.


After curing of the paint, the edges are polished out for a smooth transition.


Never play with your own life when you move on a carbon bicycle. Carbon is the material with the greatest potential for lightweight construction and therefore only as much material is used as is required for specific use. However, the specific use is exceeded with a crack and so there is danger to life. Not the gentle smooth ride  is the danger, but the pothole in the downhill, which can lead to an abrupt failure and can end in the dumbest case in the wheelchair carry. Be aware of your responsibility, it is your life !!! 


Further repair examples can be found under repair service, arranged according to components, you will find anything that can take damage on a carbon bike.

Seatstay repair repair carbon structure
Seatstay repair, carbon structure perfectly repaired for carefree bike rides

This embodiment corresponds in the technical, as well as optical,  to a junction on new frames, which e.g. are manufactured in the tube-to-tube technology, thus there are no restrictions for the continued use of a repaired frame. 


So it's not a good idea to work with a crafting method to stabilize a broken carbon structure, you can also see it as negligence towards your own life. 


Here it went well, the customer has reasonably opted for a carbon repair. We wish him further nice trips and bike adventures, and above all now carelessness concerning his safety on the carbon bike. Keep cyling !




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