Carbon handlebar repair or replacement

carbon handlebar abrasion crack  crash
Carbon handlebar abrasion after crash

The question of the usefulness of repairing a carbon handlebar is always not easy to answer. The cause of the accident must always be taken into account, which only the cyclist himself can judge. Was the damage impulse frontal or lateral, strong or weak, from which angle did the damage occur? 

Basically, we advise to replace the handlebars, to buy a new one, so that further safety is guaranteed in the long term. However, high-quality carbon handlebars are not available for a few bucks. If the damage, as in the example, see photo "only" a slight abrasion, this does not necessarily mean a death sentence.  


The damage on the photo is not dramatic. However, the question is whether additional structural damage has occurred, which cannot be assessed on the basis of the abrasion in general, and whether non-destructive testing is disproportionate. Our recommendation, therefore, to remove the handlebars for a visual inspection, to make them completely "naked". Special attention should now be paid to the transition in the clamping area stem. In case of a strong impulse, the lever forces may have caused cracks to form in the clamping area stem (left-right), which significantly limits further operational safety and results in the inevitable replacement. 


If no signs of cracks are found, the removed handlebars should be placed over a table corner in the middle of the clamping area and then slowly loaded with the full body weight with the hands on the outer sides (max. lever forces). If you hear a crack, or if it even breaks, it's clear, throw it in the trash can ! Perform this procedure in all handlebar positions. 


In case of doubt or if you feel uncomfortable, always replace the handlebars, but rather reach a little deeper into your pocket for a high-quality carbon handlebar than to suffer personal damage, which is still much cheaper in the end. 


Take care, your Carbon Bike Service !

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